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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 30, 2013 12:00pm-2:00pm EST

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times. thank you for watching this very busy edition of "newsroom." "newsroom international" starts now. welcome to "newsroom international." we are taking you around the world in 60 minutes. here's what's going on now. the debate over gun violence taking an emotional turn on capitol hill. a senate committee hears testimony from former congresswoman gabrielle giffords who was shot in the head in 2011. she struggled with speech because of lingering effects of the shooting. she's determined to speak out. >> this is an important conversation for our children, for our communities, for democrats and republicans. speaking is difficult, but i need to say something important.
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violence is a big problem. too many children are dying. too many children. we must do something. it will be hard, but the time is now. you must act. be bold. be courageous. americans are counting on you. thank you. >> you see giffords husband there at her side. former astronaut mark kelly also testified as well. these two encouraging, inspiring. they have launched americans for responsible solutions. that's a push for gun control. a senate panel is hearing from
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opponents of more gun control laws. executive vice president of the nra said the focus should be on making schools more secure, more aggressive. prosecution of gun criminals and fixing the country's mental health system. wayne la pierre says gun laws are not the answer. >> while we are ready to participate in a meaningful effort to solve these pressing problems we must disagree with some members of the committee and many in the media and all the gun control groups on what will keep our kids and keep our streets safe. law abiding gun owners will not accept blame for the acts of violent or deranged criminals. nor do we believe government should dictate what we clawfulln and use to protect our families. we have to be honest about what works and what does not work. proposals that would serve to burden the law abiding have failed in the past and will fail in the future.
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semi-automatic firearm technology has been around for a hundred years. they are the most popular guns for hunting, target shooting, self-defense. despite this fact, congress banned the manufacture and sale of hundreds of semi-automatic firearms and magazines from 1994 to 2004. in independent studies including one from the clinton justice department proved it had no impact on lowering crime. when it comes to background checks, be honest. background checks will never be universal because criminals will never submit to them. >> dana bash is following the hearings on capitol hill and joins us live. no matter which way you fall on the gun issue, you cannot deny the moment. when gabrielle giffords enters the room and testifies, wherever she goes, people stop, they watch and they listen. describe for us what was that like when she entered the room to testify? >> pretty much exactly the way you described it.
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even people who disagree with her position, the reason she was here which is to argue for what she calls responsible curbs on gun rights, everybody was just in awe of the fact that she is able to walk, clearly with assistance. she's able to talk though it is very halting. she's able to see though she apparently only sees out of one eye after a gunshot wound through the head. a lot of respect for her on both sides of the aisle. people saying that at the beginning of the statements even on the right side of the panel meaning all the republicans who are arguing against -- >> we are seeing the pictures getting kisses from those on the panel. this is emotional for a lot of people and clearly seeing her, everybody else gets emotional about this, too. do you think it is enough to shift this debate over the second amendment and to ak aly get some of the folks who are
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part of legislation to deal seriously with the gun control issue. >> seeing her and her wounded self as she is now, in and of itself, no, i don't think so. remember, after she was shot and six people were killed in the shooting two years ago there was not any discussion -- none -- even among her fellow democrats because it's political dynamite. it had been and still is. so that, no. i think the fact that she happens to also be a gun owner. she represented a district in arizona that is full of people who like their guns, support gun rights. her husband has testified that he is a gun owner and is a strong supporter of the second amendment. that, i think, gives them more credibility with people who they are trying to convince to pass something to change -- in their
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words to make sure kids and people out there are safe. >> all right. thank you very much. we'll get back to you in a bit. want to talk to one of gabrielle giffords's closest friends, debbie wasserman-schultz. we saw your reaction. very emotional to see your best friend there talking about the importance of this moment and what it means to her. why is she doing this? it takes so much work, so much effort every time she gets out there publically. you can see it in the way she walks, the way she talks. what does she say to you? >> you know, what we saw today in gabby's strength and the clarity of her voice really doesn't even show the kind of preparation and resolve it took for her to get to that table today. the challenge for her to speak is still one of the things that she's struggling through.
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what she did today was remarkable. it is important to highlight that gabby, through her li legislative career has been a gun owner. she has the credibility that comes from that record. on top of that is pushing forward with the organization, americans for responsible solutions, because, you know, wayne la pierre and the nra have proven themselves today and in the last few weeks since newtown to be the fringe group that represents gun manufacturers. can't even claim to be the voice of the majority of their own members on what we need to do to make sure we reduce gun violence. that's the bottom line here. >> i know the gun debate here. i want to stick with the moment that was so powerful on the floor when gabby giffords. you said there is preparation that takes place behind the
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scenes. this is something you can talk to no one else can. what does it take for her to get out there? what preparation is involved? >> for example, gabby had an opportunity to give her first speech about six weeks ago now to an organization of speech pathologists and professionals. it was a five-sentence speech. she had to memorize it. she was able to deliver it. she practiced it for me when i saw her in washington. she did a fantastic job. today you can see she knew it well enough to recite it and was also reading it for guidance. for her to get to that moment it takes a tremendous amount of rehearsal and practice. gabby has the courage. you can clearly see the resolve. i think it's really important to note. she's not just reading that statement in a rote way. you could hear the emotion and the power behind the statement she was making because she feels
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strongly about this. we have to make sure we deal with reducing gun violence in a responsible way. >> one thing dana mentioned was after the shooting where she was one of the targets of assassination there was little action from even democrats who didn't want to touch the issue. things have changed. both sides seem willing to talk about it. after the newtown shooting, what was her reaction when she saw there was something that could happen that horrific after what happened to her? what was her initial response? >> you know, i think in the classic way gabby giffords has dealt with policy issues, her own shooting and the decisions she made following it clearly because she was focused on her own recovery but in the steps they decided to take afterwards. i think it was a classic response from gabby and mark. it shouldn't be about them.
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when we got to newtown and twenty 6-year-olds were gunned down. this is about making sure we never have children subjected to that kind of violence and that no parent in america has to lose their child from senseless gun violence so we can take step that is need to be taken to prevent that. it's always about others and helping others. that brought this to a head to use their leadership and strong voices to make sure americans come together around the solution. >> thank you, debbie. tune in tomorrow for a specialc meeting about the push for gun control. thursday at 8:00 on cnn. we are also watching an extremely unstable, dangerous storm system stretching 1200 miles from the great lakes to the gulf coast, threatening
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millions of folks in the south. it is triggering severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, wind gusts stronger than 70 miles an hour. the storm caused major damage in several states. trees knocked down. we already have seen roofs ripped off homes in tennessee. one man reportedly killed from a falling tree. the storm creating dangerous conditions on the road. police in kentucky say this tractor-trailer flipped over after hitting a concrete barrier. the central u.s. was hit with numerous crashes in kansas and ohio. want to bring in chad myers. we are getting word that a tornado touched down in northern georgia a half hour ago. what do we know? >> it was the town of adairsville, georgia. there are triage areas set up at local banks. this was a big hit. we don't have video approved for
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air yet. stay tuned was. we have to ask the photographer, make sure this is okay. we'll show you the tornado. it's an impressive tornado for georgia. maybe not of the f-5 or 4 like you would see in kansas, texas, oklahoma, nebraska, but a big tornado did roll through town. over the interstate knocking over cars, tipping over a tractor-trailer as well. as you said, this is making a snow event up here in parts of oh wisconsin and michigan. then the line of oh weather, the cold air. right here, the warm air right here clashing, making tornadoes for the southeast today. about the same story we had yesterday a little bit farther back to the west. right now we are watching the entire area here all the way from north georgia back down through rome with storms coming by. taking a look at the temperatures. this is extreme weather. it's 70 degrees in atlanta. 28 in kansas city. up here, temperatures are well
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below zero again. that's not wind chill. that's air temperature. cold and warm never like to clash. doesn't matter what season it is. when they touch each other, when there is a big enough cold front you can always get the threat of tornadoes. >> where do we think the threat is going? >> the cells are ahead of the line moving through alabama into georgia. atlanta will be affected in the next two, three hour. maybe less if a storm pops up not on radar at this point. the storms are rotating, so the storm itself is going around. the back of the storm becomes a meso cyclone or a low pressure system. if you are in the tornado watch box buy an app for the smartphone, get an old weather radio. keep it on if you are in the warm zone. in the cold zone, you're clear. you may get snow. if you walk outside and go, man, it's hot today. why is it hot?
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if you're saying that, you are in the danger zone. >> i said it this morning. it's warm in atlanta. we'll watch and wait for the pictures to come through, chad. just ahead on "newsroom international," the wave of violence in egypt's streets now having a rippling effect. the government and police force feeling a shift. keeping an eye on wall street today. could be a big day for the markets as the dow dances close to breaking the 14,000 mark. do? by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. when the doctor told me that i could smoke
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then you're going to love this. right now they're only $14.95! wow-a grt deal just got a whole lot better. hurry. $14.95 won't last. there are new efforts now to pull egypt back from the brink of collapse. that's right. the country has been in a chaotic spiral for days now. more than 50 people have been killed in the violence. want to go to port said. the thing we are all wondering, could egypt fall apart? is it falling apart now? >> well, certainly it's a country in turmoil. you have two sides not talking to one another. they are demonizing one another. you have to wonder where the
12:18 pm
country goes from here. you have a president struggling to keep calm in the country, saying he's doing his best to move through democratic transition. then you have the moderates, liberals, secularists who believe he tried to squeeze everyone off. so you have a face-off. no one is sure where the country is headed. >> tell us about the protesters. we see pictures of folks on the ground. the violence is increasing. it has been over the past couple of days. are these young people who are unemployed. does it represent a large body of people, the general population not happy with the president and the government? >> a huge part of the population are 20 something, 30 somethings looking for a better life, better economy. promises made during the revolution. it never came through.
12:19 pm
the violence has decreased. nothing what we saw over the weekend. but you have people here defying the president's declaration of a curfew and emergency rule where we are in port said. the curfew is technically supposed to go in place in a few hours. but people have told the president, we know there is a curfew. we are protesting anyway. news the violence isn't what it was. is there a sense they will continue between the government and protesters that's playing out? lost the signal. we're going to try to get back to him as soon as we can. the turmoil in egypt.
12:20 pm
real concern for hillary clinton. she talked to cnn about those challenges and what she thinks egypt's struggling new government needs to do. >> it's difficult going from a closed regime and essentially one man rule to a democracy that's trying to be born and learn to walk. there are clear lessons. you have to represent the people and the people have to believe it. you have to have the rule of law that applies to everyone, not just to some of the people. you have to have a constitution that respects and recognizes the rights of all people and doesn't in any way marginalize any group. i think the messages and the actions coming from the leadership have to be changed in order to give people confidence that they are on the right path to the kind of future they seek.
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u.s. now has a new deal to base american surveillance drones in a country in africa. niger is a landlocked country in the middle of where al qaeda and other groups are now active. it is next door to libya, mali and algeria. want to bring in michael holmes to talk about this. what's the significance when you talk about a base. do we mean an american base in this country? >> it would be a base. let's not talk in terms of iraq, afghanistan-style u.s. base of hundreds of buildings. it will be a presence. the crucial thing is the neighborhood. mali, algae i can't. libya. these are the countries the drones can get to.
12:25 pm
what do they accomplish? >> you have different sorts of drones out there. the drones we see in pakistan and other places. also in north africa and yemen sometimes when they fire the missiles and take out targets from the air. these are going to be just for surveillance, out there gathering intelligence. the thing you are talking about in this neighborhood is it is hard to have human intelligence. the cia has a network of people that give them information. in this part of the world, in this neighborhood, they don't. they have little intel. the drones will be up there looking for movements of groups they are worried about. >> do we think there is significant numbers of al qaeda in niger? >> in the neighborhood. this is the concern in mali. what happened in the north when the al qaeda linked groups, the islamists came over to take over what was a separatist regime at the time and hijacked it, you
12:26 pm
have groups spread across this area that encompasses many countries. you can see they are starting to work together. that worries a lot of people. >> i don't know if you can answer this question. how much does this pose a direct threat to us here in the united states when you look at niger? it's far away. they are obviously looking for hot spots. could this be a direct threat to us? >> the groups in the neighborhood, niger is a friend to us, letting us do this. they are saying, yes, come and run the drones. they're not the only ones. this is the sixth african nation allowing us to run drones from their turf. they are our friend, letting us do it. all of these countries are crossing borders, living in parts of the region who do pose a threat to us and to the government. >> thank you. call it arab spring bling. that's right.
12:27 pm
this is in tunisia where the arab spring began. the dominoes started falling two years ago. that's when anti-government protests exploded across north africa and the persian gulf. the unrest eventually forced out the presidents of egypt, yemen and tunisia. the new government of tunisia is now sold in a big auction. all these treasures collected by tunisia's ousted president. a fleet of luxury sports cars, gold statues, jewelry. this is all being auctioned off. officials say all the money went right back into the country's economy. if you were among more than 1 million people who owned certain models of toyota, there is news you will want to hear. the carmaker is hit by another recall. invest exactly how they want. with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts with one login... to easily move my money when i need to. plus, when i call my local scottrade office,
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> a possible tornado touches
12:31 pm
down. chad, what do we know? >> north of atlanta there is a suburb called adairsville along i-75. there is quite a a bit of damage inside. we were on live with it when it was on the ground. we knew it would be right through the city. it seems like poplar springs may be a heavily damaged street there. maybe around cherry. across highway 41. this tornado went all the way over i-75. knocked at least a tractor-trailer over. we are hearing of other cars that were turned over and smashed right on down to the roof where there is almost no room for you. this is always the dangerous part of being in a car if it is flipped over and smashed on its roof. we know there are still people being taken out of buildings that are damaged. they are injured. they are still setting up triage units bringing in mutual aid so areas around the area, towns can
12:32 pm
send their police and special people to this area. the public safety people to try to get all the other people rescued to make sure everybody is okay. it will be a long day in georgia. more tornadoes are probably possible. today we'll have a tornado watch in effect. this was an early tornado at 11:00 in the morning eastern time. the air might warm with up a little bit from a little bit of sunshine. that could increase the potential for tornadoes. that's a very large funnel on the ground. at least an f-2. >> to me that looks big. i'm not a tornado expert. describe how big you think it is. what are the conditions there? >> this is the video i saw and needed permission for. it's hard to say how big it is. the photographer said he's a quarter mile away from the tornado. if that's true this is only an f-1 or 2. it's kind of fat but may not
12:33 pm
have 140 miles per hour winds. if we were eight miles from the tornado it would be a huge tornado, f-4 or 5. we are looking right at it, listening to the reporter as this was happening on wsb saying this is only a quarter mile away. if that's a quarter mile away that storm is not a mile wide, obviously. >> this will be a rough day for folks in atlanta and around the country. we are keeping an eye on the markets. the dow, slightly below 14,000. you see about 13,939. last time it closed above 14,000 back in 2007. we'll be watching that as well. if you drive a toyota you have to listen to this. toyota just announced it was a massive recall. could affect more than a million cars on the road now. the company is concerned about air bag control problems.
12:34 pm
they were sold between 2003 and 2004. also a problem with the windshield wipers in the lexus i.s. models sold between 2006 and 2012. of course now if you want to travel a note to those of you booking a flight. boeing, the company that makes the dreamliner 787 expects no big financial loss. this is after the fleet was grounded because of battery problems. there might be new trouble for boeing. a japanese carrier talking about more battery problems than what we have initially reported. want to bring in richard quest out of london. this is coming from the new york times, reporting battery problems as well. tell us what we know. >> what we know is ana, the largest user of the dreamliner has 17 of the aircraft was also the launch customer.
12:35 pm
ana says that in the previous months it replaced on the ground many batteries. i think it was 10 or 12 batteries they replaced and sent back to manufacturers because the property malfunctioned. the reason this wasn't elevated higher was because no flights were cancelled. the manufacturers say it was part of the normal course of maintenance and these things happen. but bearing in mind that the dreamliner batteries are now very firmly f the focus of the investigation. it does start to raise the eyebrows. what we are now hearing is that the batteries per se seem to be okay. there are no faults. they dnd overcharge or undercharge. the attention has shifted to another country that makes the monitoring equipment.
12:36 pm
lithium ian batteries -- ion batteries which are unstable have to be carefully monitored. >> what does it mean for travellers. if you have bookd a flight on ana, are you in trouble? >> absolutely not. the airlines cancelling flights at one level but using other equipment. ana is the worst affected. they could do other things by leasing and planes. boeing says they believe progress is being made. they have hundreds of experts working on it. i will give you the quote from boeing from the chairman and ceo who says we will get to the bottom of this. >> all right, richard. thank you. appreciate it. you may remember what happened last year when facebook stock
12:37 pm
went public, right? it tanked. mark zuckerberg might be turning it around, getting investors to like facebook again. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ we, we chocolate cross over. ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate. i'm up next, but now i'm singing the heartburn blues. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast. ♪ oh what a relief it is!
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facebook started off on rocky footing with the public stock launch. investors are starting to see what they like. dan simon looks at facebook's innovations and the leader. mark zuckerberg. >> our mission is to make the world more open and connected. >> the reason we are able to build a product like this. >> reporter: wall street seems impressed with the company's focus, pushing the stock up in recent weeks to a five-month high after the tumultuous debut.
12:41 pm
it has been a wild ride since the company went public last may. the stock which debuted at $38 briefly climbed to 45. then went spiralling. eventually tumbling to a low of 17. here at facebook headquarters, the memory of the day quickly faded as the stock price took a nose dive. there were renewed concerns about generating revenue and whether it can stay ahead of the competition. google plus, twitter and now yahoo! with flickr are trying to slow facebook's momentum. >> mark zuckerberg doesn't think about google plus. he lays awake at night thinking about the next instagram. >> reporter: that was greg retch prior to the ipo and after a zuckerberg bought instagram for a billion dollars. most see the large price tag as a worthy investment.
12:42 pm
>> it was definitely smart. the challenge is in some sense they were playing with funny money. the value for the market is so high. do you give up 1% to a small company that has a chance to take over your user base? it's an insurance policy and a small price. >> reporter: the jury is out on moves like gifts, the company's entry into e-commerce and smartphone advertising, increasingly seen as the key to facebook's growth. >> they are doing a good job now putting focus on mobile. they really haven't addressed montization. >> nobody is sure how ads will evolve on facebook given the smaller real estate compared to a laptop or desk top. what's clear is how the ceo evolved. zuckerberg seems more confident in the public view. he's come a long way. this is an early interview with cnn. >> how did the company start?
12:43 pm
>> it didn't start as a company. i was a sophomore at harvard and -- um -- and we needed to -- i guess -- i have never been asked how the company was started before. >> how did facebook start? >> now i'm all embarrassed. you would think i would have been asked that a ton of times. >> reporter: the more seasoned executive is getting more political, agreeing to host a fund-raiser next month for new jersey governor chris christie. he kept a low profile when it comes to partisan politics, supporting both democrats and republicans alike. as for facebook, while the stock has apparently stabilized questions remain whether it can be b the cash cow so many investors were banking on. dan simon, cnn, san francisco. >> today the new blackberry ten
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to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have six grams of sugars. with fifteen grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. you might remember the pakistani teen who was shot in the head in october for speaking out for rights of girls education. a series of surgeries on malala yousafzai will soon be over. she only has two more to go. one will insert a titanium plate to cover an opening in her skull. >> very simply speaking this is putting a titanium plate, especially made, custom made plate over the deficit in her skull which is this sort of size
12:48 pm
in the left hand side of the skull. clearly this is primarily to offer physical protection to her brain in the same way as a normal skull was. would. >> we wish her the best in her recovery. she's only 15 years old. check out this monster wave. i don't know if you see them. a hundred feet wide. if this is certified this could be the biggest wave that anybody has ever surfed. it happened monday off the coast of portugal. he talked to anderson about it last night. >> oh, it was just this endless drop. my feet were popping out of the
12:49 pm
straps. it felt like my whole body was chattering and it was really difficult. one of the longest drops i have dealt with. >> can't keep your eyes off of that. they are going over the video to see if it's the biggest wave ever conquered. the old record, investigator mcnamara has that one, too. two years ago he set the record in the same spot. in the 50s, 60s, u.s. and russia defined the space race. now north korea and south korea are sending up rockets. has less to do with space travel and more to do with weapons. becoming a fulltime indoor cat wasn't easy for atti. but he had purina cat chow indoor. he absolutely loved it. and i knew he was getting everything he needed to stay healthy indoors. and after a couple of weeks, i knew we were finally home!
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got more severe weather, tornadoes touching down in georgia. got the latest from chad. i understand we have new information now. >> right. two hours ago we had a tornado touching down in adairsville, georgia. this system goes from pittsburgh down to the gulf coast. there is a town by dallas georgia. you need to take cover now. there is a tornado right there for your warning. i would suspect it is probably
12:53 pm
on the ground as well for dallas, georgia, headed up to akworth or kenesaw in the next 15, 20 minutes. this is serious. this is the same rotation i saw with the adairsville tornado. this one is probably on the ground as well. that's the tornado we had in georgia rolling through a town on i-75 30, 40 miles near atlanta. there are storms to the southwest of atlanta proper. this could be interesting. >> give us a sense of the scale, scope. what does this mean for the community? >> from what i understand listening to the scanner of the type of damage occurring, probably somewhere in the area of 40 miles per hour in the range of an f-2 tornado. a fairly big wedge. this isn't as big as oklahoma or texas with wind speeds of 200
12:54 pm
miles per hour. a lot of damage in georgia with the tornado that was on the ground for some time. quite a few minutes. maybe as many as 15 as it moved township calhoun, georgia. as well. >> do we have a sense of how many tornado wes may get this afternoon? >> i don't have a sense of that. i would say no less than ten. >> that's a lot. chad, keep us updated on this. >> i will. >> third time is the charm for south korea as it blasts into the space race. this launch today is being hailed as a success by officials in seoul. it is the first time the country's home grown space industry has put a satellite now into orbit. comes after two previous attempts that failed just weekses after a the communist rival north korea launched a rocket. want to bring in jim clancy to talk about the significance that south korea has gotten into the space race. this is an elite group of countries able to do this. >> people in the south see the
12:55 pm
progress the north is making. the south koreans decided we are going for it. we'll spend a significant to note south korea purchased the first stage, most important stage of the rocket from a russian company in order to complete this. that's what they had been doing. they are good at making satellites but had somebody else launch them. they have come toe to toe with north koreans. north koreans are miffed today. not a word about it on the north koreaen yan website. they are still railing at the u.s. the north will undoubtedly cry with anger when they see the south doesn't get condemned as they just got condemned and more sanctions imposed. >> could that egg on the north? north korea to again decide -- >> i don't know what will egg them on. they were already egged on. it will produce a
12:56 pm
missile-measuring contest but the south builds televisions, cars and cell phones used by people all over the world. north korea makes only one great export product, missile technology buried under bags of cement shipped to rogue nations around the world. that's where it makes money. that's why the u.s. and the u.n. and so many people are angry when north korea launches missiles and tries to improve that technology. >> the fact that you have what you call the missile-measures competition, does this mean it's more dangerous when you have the powers competing? this upped the ante. >> it has. it's largely between the koreas' publics. there is a sense of competitions. south koreans know they are technologically superior, so why is the north doing this? south koreans decide ed d to sp
12:57 pm
more of the gdp to do this. people in the north had a successful home made missile launch. go home and it's 37 degrees now, cloudy and raining in pyongyang. and nobody has hot water to take a shower. >> those people are starving, too. >> exactly. >> there is no competition at all. jim, thank you. appreciate it. more after the break.
12:58 pm
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1:00 pm
a deadly storm system now stretching 1200 miles from the great lakes to the gulf coast. it's now hammering the southeast. this is what it looks like here. take a look at the pictures. tornadoes, severe thunderstorms. wind gusts stronger than 70 miles per hour. pictures of a tornado touching down. this is edersville, georgia. several other southern states as well. one person in tennessee was reportedly killed by a falling tree. the owner of the damaged trailer described how scared she felt when the storm passed through. >> it was just crackling. it was the worst sound i have ever heard in my life. that trailer, you know, that's nothing compared to the life of this child there, that one. nothing compared to that. >> this storm is creating dangerous conditions on the roads now. police in kentucky say the tractor-trailer flipped over
1:01 pm
after hitting a concrete barrier. before the storm hit the south numerous crashes. we are seeing video coming out of our area where we are. >> snow into iowa, wisconsin and minnesota. that's the north side of this. we have tornadoes on the south side of this. we had tornadoes yesterday. we have rain -- flooding rain throughout the northwest. the storm is literally a thousand miles. maybe 1400 miles from north to south if you can consider the blizzard warnings into canada. so a large storm that's producing cold air on one side and warm air on the other. every time we get to this point we have warm or cold air clashing over the studio. we have warm air on the side
1:02 pm
where it's sunny in atlanta. cold air behind huntsville. temperatures dropping 20, 30 degrees in hours. that's where the clash is occurring. when that occurs we can get that in america. this is a wind -- not a radar you understand with the blues and greens. i understand it because this shows me the storm is actually rotating. doppler is from the old doppler effect that when you hear a train coming compared to when the train leaves across the track sitting there, it is a different tone. it sounds different as the train is coming compared to as the train is leaving. the different tone tells you the train is coming or leaving. it also tells us with the map the rain is coming or going. it showses us that some are going, some are not going, some are coming so it's circling. the spin is headed toward kinisaw, akworth, georgia. if you're there, take cover right now.
1:03 pm
>> how many tornadoes do we expect this afternoon potentially? >> it's hard to say. every storm i see out there is rotating. there must be three now. only one tornado warning but there must be three ready to put down a warning. every storm won't put down a tornado. only one out of a thousand do. when they begin to spin it may not be enough for a warning. when they start to go around 20, 30, 40 miles per hour all of the sudden you can get a tornado to fall out. that's when the weather service issues the warning. >> all right. we'll get back later now. we want to bring in marquell r marquez. a lot of people don't realize but when you have a tornado on i-75 that's a route we use to commute back and forth to the cnn center. give us a sense of what you are seeing. >> oh, my god. it is an intense storm now.
1:04 pm
the rain -- it's sheets of rain. i'm not familiar with this much rain typically. it is unbelievable. we had to get off of 75 at this point. we have just come through the area of kinisaw. in marietta there are warnings going off. where we are, the clouds look like they have come down to the road. it feels like we are in a bathtub. there is so much water coming down. the roads, there is so much water, hydro plaining is an issue for us as well. there are reports of several trucks and cars overturned. we have been forced off before we get to traffic. a plant has been levelled, it appears by the storm. nobody injured. there is a motel on i-75 that
1:05 pm
sustained bad damage but fortunately everybody got out. there are reports of one person hurt by a structural collapse. there may have been people trapped. i'm not sure if that's where it is. it is an unbelievably major storm coming through at the moment. >> we'll get back to this developing story. fluz obviously sweert weather in atlanta. different pockets throughout the country here. we are also keeping a big eye on the markets today. they have been soaring toward 12,000 mark. want to bring in -- i'm sorry, 14,000. this is a big deal. tell us why. >> a big reason you are seeing the dow slowly edge toward the 14,000 mark, a lot has to do with how the federal reserve is doing. it's buying up $85 billion in
1:06 pm
mortgage backed securities and treasuries. that's pouring all this money into the economy pushing down interest rates, pushing down bond yields. investors say, okay, we won't make money if we put it in bonds. where is an investor to go? they will go to stocks. it's not just the fed who has hand in seeing what's happening in the stock market. they pulled a hundred billion out last year. they put 13 billion back in. they are not coming back en masse but they are seeing improvements in the economy. that's giving small investors more confidence to put money back in the market. the decent quarter is under way. one trader said this rally we are seeing is being artificially stimulated by the fed. that's creating the disconnect between how we are seeing stockses and the economy
1:07 pm
especially since we got the gdp report showing contractions that the economy shrank at a .1% rate in the last three months of last year. i want to play some of what he had to say. >> the economy isn't where they thought it was or it wasn't in the fourth quarter. it will be a continued struggle back. the market isn't reacting so negatively. that tells you that today ben bernanke has free reign to say he's not walking away and stands ready to continue to support the markets and economy. >> one other reason you are not seeing the market react to negative growth in the economy. it's because some investors say rs you know what? you see how the economy reacted? when worries about the fiscal cliff were hanging around. now investors are confident that lawmakers are less likely to push through spending cuts once they push through the issue expected in march. >> this is a good thing for most of us in our 401(k)s.
1:08 pm
>> if you have looked at the 401(k) it's probably doing well. you look at the s&p 500. that's what your portfolio mostly tracks, the s&p 500. it's a broader index. that's hitting new levels. it's over 1500 at this point. >> love the good news. appreciate it. here's what we are working on. a show down over gun control playing out on capitol hill. this is happening on a day when capitol hill debating gun rights. a gunman boards a school bus, kills the driver, takes a 6-year-old hostage. the standoff is still going on. oil changes at meineke are always a great deal.
1:09 pm
1:10 pm
1:11 pm
then you're going to love this. right now they're only $14.95! wow-a grt deal just got a whole lot better. hurry. $14.95 won't last. so you've got this showdown over gun control playing out on capitol hill today. a senate panel hears from nra official who says more gun laws aren't necessarily the answer. you have emotional testimony from former congresswoman gabrielle giffords who is still struggling from the effects of a gunshot wound to the head.
1:12 pm
violence is a big problem. too many children are dying. too many children. we must do something. >> while we are trying to solve these pressing problems we must respectively, honestly and firmly disagree with some members of the committee and many in the media and all the gun control groups on what will keep our kids and our streets safe. law abiding gun owners will not accept blame for the acts of violent or deranged criminals. nor do we believe governments should dictate what we can own and use to protect our families. >> want to bring in dana bash on capitol hill along with our crime and justice correspondent joe johns. we're going to talk about the debate. first i want to talk about the moment when we saw gabrielle giffords. this really, in some ways, is a game changer. everybody pays attention.
1:13 pm
everybody watches no matter how you feel about the gun debate, clearly that was the moment of the morning. >> there is no question about it. for members of the senate to look at one of their own, a fellow former member of congress speaking so haltingly and trying so hard to get out the few sentences that she had. more importantly to make the point she wanted to make which is even though she's a gun owner and supporter she thinks safety needs to come first. along those lines of emotion, there definitely was a moment that her husband had later in the hearing about the issue and about the shooting that took place that killed six people. he was trying to make the argument for limiting those high capacity rounds. he talkeded about the fact that jared loughner, the shooter, his gun effectively jammed and what would have been if rounds had been limited.
1:14 pm
>> icon tend if the same thing happened when he was trying to reload one ten-round magazine with another, meaning he didn't have access to a high capacity magazine and the same thing happened, christina taylor green would be alive today. i certainly am willing to give up my right to own a high capacity magazine to bring that young wombach -- that young girl back. >> we heard something powerful on the other side of the debate. senator lindsey graham telling the story of a mother hiding in a closet, having a gun with six rounds, shooting five times at the shooter. and what would happen if she were limited in the kind of high capacity ammunition she could get. >> let's agree on one thing. one bullet e in the hands of the wrong person we should all try to prevent. when you start telling me that
1:15 pm
i'm unreasonable for wanting that woman to have more than six bullets or to have an a.r. 15 with people roaming around my neighborhood i reject the concept. >> this hearing has been going on for about three hours. you get a little bit of a glimpse of the intensity and emotion in the back and forth between the senators and the witnesses. >> it's so powerful that people are telling personal stories. that brings it home for folks. i want to bring joe into the discussion. some of the legislation here whether or not it does have a shot at passing or even moving forward particularly when it comes to background checks. i want to play an exchange. we have wayne lapierre of the nra and senator patrick leahy. >> talking about gun shows. should we have mandatory background check at gun shows for sales of weapons? >> if you're a dealer that's already the law. >> that's not my question,
1:16 pm
please. i'm not trying to play games here. if you could, just answer my question. >> senator, i do not believe the way the law is working now unfortunately that it does any good to extend the law to private sales between hobyists and collectors. >> you do not support mandatory background checks in all instances at gun shows? >> we do not. because the fact is the law right now is a failure the way it's working. >> joe, how is it playing out when you have opposition to universal background checks, closing the gun show loophole. is there anything here that stands a chance of passing, moving forward? >> there are people who are conservatives who say they are willing to look at universal background checks as long as the universal program doesn't infringe on the rights of average americans, law abiding,
1:17 pm
to have and possess arms. it's true that there are serious problems with the background check system that need to be fixed. not all states participate in the program. not all send their information to the federal government the way they are supposed to. that needs to be improved. we have documented it in reporting. the question is how you fix the program so it's more regulatory. there seems to be a lot of support for finding a way to make it harder for people with serious mental problems to get guns. again and again you know in so many mass shooting incidents there are questions about whether the shoort was mentally competent or what have you. that's one issue. the large part is about eliminating what you refer to -- the so-called gun show loophole. in other words when people buy guns at gun shows they don't go through background checks. that's an issue. the other issue is private sales. a lot to think about. >> joe johns and dana bash, thank you very much. appreciate it.
1:18 pm
for the emotional testimony from gabrielle giffords, i had a chance to talk to one of her close friends. this is debbie wasserman-schultz. she talked about what it takes for giffords to get out there and speak. >> i think it's really important to note. she's not just reading that statement in a rote way. you could hear the emotion and the power behind the statement she was making because she feels strongly about this. we have to make sure we deal with reducing gun violence in a responsible way. >> one thing dana mentioned was after the shooting where she was one of the targets of assassination there was little action from even democrats who didn't want to touch the issue. things have changed. both sides seem willing to talk
1:19 pm
about it. after the newtown shooting, what was her reaction when she saw there was something that could happen that horrific after what happened to her? what was her initial response? >> you know, i think in the classic way gabby giffords has dealt with policy issues, her own shooting and the decisions she made following it clearly because she was focused on her own recovery but in the steps they decided to take afterwards. i think it was a classic response from gabby and mark. it shouldn't be about them. when we got to newtown and twenty 6-year-olds were gunned down. at the end of the day, this is about making sure we never have children subjected to that kind of violence and that no parent in america has to lose their child from senseless gun violence. >> what do we do about gun violence? anderson cooper is looking at both sides of the debate. watch "guns under fire" a town
1:20 pm
hall special thursday at 8:00 p.m. eastern. we now know who will fill the senate seat john kerry is leaving to be secretary of state -- at least for now. massachusetts governor patrick naming william cohen, his former chief of staff to the post. he will serve until a special election in june. kerry was confirmed by the full senate as the next secretary of state submitted his resignation last night. microsoft founder bill gates speaking out about immigration. we'll hear from him next. campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. [ male announcer ] sounds good. can youlyric can.aid do this? lyric can.
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1:23 pm
breaking news here. this just out of phoenix. this is video from our affiliate ktvk. police responding to reports of a shooting. multiple victims at a business complex. we are told this is near 16th street and glendale avenue. this is in phoenix. the business complex. now the sus is expect, we are learning, reportedly fled from the scene. there is a search that is now under way. we are looking at aerial shots as well. we understand that there are police cars on the scene.
1:24 pm
there are ambulances and fire engines as well that responded to the report of the shooting. we also saw -- there you go. now we have the aerials there. somebody was rolled out on a stretcher earlier. this is certainly a situation that is now unfolding. it is breaking news. we are following it with you. this comes on a day when there are people debating gun violence, gun rights in washington. this is, again, a report that we have responding to a multiple shooting. multiple victims. this is a business center. what you see there are officials who have gathered. we are trying to get information. we are not sure just what the extent was, how serious this might be. but this is just developing
1:25 pm
here. you see people beginning to gather. from the aerial shots, reports again. you see the business complex. you can see the building there. multiple floors. we are learning at least two victims came and there was a suspect still on the loose. we will be following this very, very closely. we'll take a quick break and come back. 
1:26 pm
1:27 pm
1:28 pm
deer antler spray banned in professional sports. apparently there is a banned suspect made from deer antlers that stimulates muscle growth. athletes can't use it but according to sports illustrated ray lewis did use it to heal faster. he tore histo tricep back in october. it could have ended his season.
1:29 pm
this morning four days before the super bowl lewis lub likely denied ever using this banned substance. >> i think honestly -- i'm going to say it very clearly again. i think it is probably one of the most embarrassing things that we can do on this type of stage. when you let cowards come in and do things like that, to try to disturb something, i have said it before. i said a million times. the reason i'm smiling is because it's so funny of a story. i have never, ever took whatever he said i was supposed to do. >> lou sis wis is no stranger to controversy. his charged in the death of a person in atlanta. he pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice. he's stayed out of trouble since then and he's now become a spiritual leader to some in baltimore.
1:30 pm
>> i need you to lift up your voice. i will not be defeated. >> in pastor jamal brian's church god is on the ravens side. why not? bryant is ray blewis's pastor. >> people call him reverend ray. does he deserve it? >> he does. he's a preacher without a license. no bible college. it's in him. he can't help him. i have put him up to do bible study. he's like billy graham. >> this is lewis preaching last year after a rash of shootings in baltimore over labor day
1:31 pm
weekend. >> we've got to change the way our children think. we've got to change the way the ga gangs are running our streets. we have the ability to do that. it's called tough love. >> fans call lewis's in your face faith an extensive community service beautifully sincere. his critics find it phony, a redemption true with no true redemption. >> you have all the attention glorifying him. he was involved in what happened down in atlanta. people don't seem to care. they are more interested in football. >> carol costello joins us. really fascinating individual here. you talked to his pastor. does he talk about what happened in atlanta 13 years ago with two people stabbed to death?
1:32 pm
>> pastor has talked to ray lewis extensively about it. he wouldn't get into specifics but said that night changed ray lewis. he decided he didn't want to hang out with friends from the past who got him into trouble. he ejected those friends from his life and adopted a godly way to live. he gave back to the community, started preaching in church, living his life as god lived his life. the pastor told me rg you know, he's sorry about what happened in atlanta. but he's not going to dwell on it. he moved on and learned from it. >> he's retiring now. he has another gig? >> after super bowl sunday, after god says he'll win the super bowl. he's going to become an analyst for espn. i'm sure he'll be preaching across the country. it's something he enjoys and something a lot of people want to hear. >> i'm fascinated by his career,
1:33 pm
future. i don't know if god takes sides on this matter. may the best team win, you know? >> in re lewis's world, pastor bryan's world, god decides that. he likes redemption and ray lewis epitomizes redemption. >> who knew about this antler spray? >> i'm going to try it myself. just kidding. >> good to see you. on a day when capitol hill is hearing both sides of the gun debate, a gunman boards a school bus, kills the driver and takes a 6-year-old hostage. that stand-off is going on right now. see, i figured low testosterone would decrease my sex drive... but when i started losing energy and became moody... that's when i had an honest conversation with my doctor. we discussed all the symptoms... then he gave me some blood tests. showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number -- not just me. [ male announcer ] today, men with low t have androgel 1.62% (testosterone gel).
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1:36 pm
we are following severe weather. want to bring in chad myers who is looking at things across the country here, particularly in the atlanta area as well. chad, is there anything new? >> we have a cold air mass on one side, warm air mass on the
1:37 pm
other. right in the middle is where the tornadoes are occurring now. we are getting reports in adairsville. those reports will be coming in. it was a big storm. there will be a lot of damage and injuries. minot, north dakota. 12 below zero. miami is 78 degrees. there is a 90-degree difference from the hot to the cold where we are at this point. that's because the jet stream has dipped down to the south through here. any time there is a jet stream along that jet stream, the wind that's where the energy is to make tornadoes. that's why we have them today. we'll watch them for you throughout the day. now nothing threatening any major city at this point with rotation. but that could change literally in five minutes. that's how quickly storms have been developinging. we'll keep you advised. >> the picture of the tornado, give us a sense of how big it was, the tornado that touched down in georgia. >> it's hard to tell. they don't know how far it is.
1:38 pm
i have seen from our other affiliates taking pictures and sending them to atlanta there are at least 130 to 140 miles per hour tornado creating winds, dumping cars upside down right on the tops, from standing on all four wheels. the storm went over 75, tipped tractor-trailers, threw cars over the roadway. this could be an f-2 or 3. it could be a weak 3. that would bring it up to 140 miles per hour. there will be a lot of damage. this is a long-lived tornado on the ground for 15 to 20 minutes. >> all right. chad. we are also following a bizarre and frightening scenario. this is a chain of events out of southern alabama. it is continuing now, as we speak. police worked through the night here. they are still trying to save a 6-year-old boy from a man they
1:39 pm
say snatched him from a school bus. the man shot and killed the bus driver. >> from what i understand kids were running down the road behind the church to get to safety. spoke to a young guy, 13 years old, that was really traumatized. he saw everything that had taken place. he's a good friend of the little boy that we understand was taken hostage. >> martin savidge has the story. you have been following it from the beginning. first of all, how did this happen? what do we know about the state of the little boy? >> it began yesterday afternoon. it was around 3:40 when the bus dropped the children off in this small community known as midland city in central alabama. the gunman burst aboard at one stop. according to witnesses said, i want two kids. the bus driver, charles poland, jr., jumped up and said, that's not going to happen. he was shot four times. he later died. the gunman took a child. the good news out of the horrible circumstance is because
1:40 pm
of what the bus driver did, 20 other children got off the bus safely. it's the one with child we are worried about. the unidentified 6-year-old the gunman took to a nearby home made bunker under ground and is keeping the child there, presumably at gun point as the fbi has stepped in to negotiate. this is on going now almost 24 hours. >> the fbi knows where the child is. they have been able to monitor his state. >> this is a strange thing. i mentioned the bunker. they are communicating over the telephone or we think of maybe over a bull horn. this is over a pvc pipe running into this bunker. that's how they are communicating with a gunman. it's how medicine was delivered to the boy. he needs medicine daily. and apparently it's the way authorities -- proof of life -- that the little boy is live and well, at least last we heard. >> martin savidge, thanks for the update. such a sad story. hopefully this little boy will
1:41 pm
make it. microsoft founder bill gates is speaking out about immigration. we'll hear from him next. k up s. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply.
1:42 pm
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due to your first accident, and new car replacement, where, if you total your new car, we give you the money for a new one. call... to talk to an insurance expert about everything else that comes standard with our base auto policy. and if you get into an accident and use one of our certified repair shops, your repairs are guaranteed for life. call... to switch, and you could save hundreds. ♪ born to make mistakes liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? if you drive a toyota, listen up. toyota announced a massive recall that could affect more than a million cars out on the road right now. the company is concerned about air bag control problems in 752,000 coro la cars sold between 2003 and 2004. there is a problem also with the
1:44 pm
windshield wipers in the lexus i.s. models sold between 2003 and 2012. peter is in new york. who does this impact, peter? >> what we know now is it affects a lot of people. the corolla is a popular car. what's happening here is an air bag controller, one that was also used in 900,000 jeeps that were recalled back in november is the same part from an outside supplier. it can decay over time causing a short circuit which can cause the air bag to go over for no reason which is scary. this isn't a gentle nudge. an air bag going off is startling to the driver. in the lexus case, there is a nut they used to tighten down the windshield wipers. it has a coating that prevented it from being tightened enough at the factory. if you try to use a wiper
1:45 pm
weighed down by snow it can't lift up but then the screw can come loose causing the wiper not to work well at all. flu so bring your car to the dealership, have the control boards on the corollas, the micro chips changed. for the lexus, bring it in and have the nut changed for one that stays tightened no matter what. >> following breaking news from phoenix. we'll have much more on a potential shooter that is now loose in the area with after opening fire on a local business. we understand there are multiple victims.
1:46 pm
1:47 pm
1:48 pm
breaking news out of phoenix now. want to go to live pictures. this is video we are getting from ktvk as a matter of fact. police now responding to reports of a shooting. multiple victims. this is a business complex near 16th street and glendale avenue. it's in phoenix. we are looking at the aerial shots from our affiliate here. we have reports now that the suspect reportedly fled the scene. a search is now under way for the gunman. the aerial photos, the shots here showing some that we have seen earlier. police cars, ambulance, fire engines that have all arrived.
1:49 pm
we also saw earlier somebody who was rolled out on a stretcher. now we are taking a look at law enforcement officials and those who gathered at the scene. this, of course, comes on a day when there is a huge gun debate raging on capitol hill over gun rights and following a multiple mass shootings that we have covered over several months. this span of several months. but information that we are just getting now is that multiple victims and still the gunman who is loose. don't have a sense of the extent of the injuries. don't really know what the gunman has in his or her possession. but we do know that the gunman is still on the loose, that they are trying to assess the situation, and just how many people are involved. we also are hearing from mark kelly, the husband of gabrielle
1:50 pm
giffords who was shot in the head. they are participating in a hearing on capitol hill today over gun rights, the whole gun rights debate. he actually issued a issued a s. he says while we were having this hearing, and we certainly don't know the details, but in phoenix, arizona, there is another, what seems to be possibly a shooting with multiple victims. it doesn't seem like anybody has been killed, but initial reports are three people injured in phoenix, arizona, with multiple shots fired. there is 50 or so police cars on this scene. that coming from mark kelly. and you can only imagine what he is feeling, what his wife gabby giffords is feeling, when they look at that and hear information about yet another shooting taking place in arizona. just unbelievable. coming on a day when people are talking about guns, gun rights,
1:51 pm
the debate continues. a lot of emotion behind this deba debate, a lot of different ideas about policy initiatives and what is the appropriate thing to do and how to protect people's guns' rights at the same time how to proteevent something lik this from happening again. it happened again in phoenix, arizona. we'll take a quick break. understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrade. voted "best investment services company." until i got a job in the big apple. becoming a fulltime indoor cat wasn't easy for atti. but he had purina cat chow indoor. he absolutely loved it. and i knew he was getting everything he needed
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bill gates is speaking out about immigration. christine romans came back from a sit-down with the microsoft founder. hey, christine.
1:54 pm
making some news here. >> yeah, you know, he got real animated about the prospects, the first real prospects for immigration reform in this country, he said. he said he sees a real possibility that something could happen. and he pointed out, look, back in 2009, he's widely quoted, he said many times that he thinks the american immigration system should favor smart people, capable people, as he says, who can start companies and who with stem degrees can take their education at big universities and get to work in the american economy. he says we're not doing that. listen. >> our immigration system makes it very hard for those people to come in. so, you know, if somebody is being offered a job here, for over $100,000, and there is other jobs created around that job, you don't want to discourage a company from having to put that -- >> do we discourage them? >> absolutely. you can be a student at uc berkeley, foreign born, get this
1:55 pm
wonderful education, microsoft offers you a job for over $100,000 a year and we have to say, if the country will keep you. and most of those students are told they can't stay, get out of the united states. >> he says we're in no position to be telling people to get out of the united states if they have got the science, technology, engineering, math, higher education and the degree skills he says creates jobs in the economy. he said something so interesting as well. he said that frankly the very thorny and complicated difficult problem he said of illegal immigration has held this highly skilled immigration part of the -- part of the immigration laws hostage. listen. >> certainly if we want to bring a person here to be educated, you should never then make them go away. and there is some categories of jobs where you know that other jobs are created around them. and so forcing those back
1:56 pm
doesn't make sense. i think it is very doable. the numbers here are not anywhere comparable to the illegal immigration. and i would love to see us solve illegal immigration and a tougher problem. the high talent immigration is kind of held hostage to that broader problem. >> he's talking about the foundation, the annual letter that kind of chronicling what they're giving, they're giving away $28 billion, $26 billion over 18 years and part of their focus in the u.s. is on the american education system, figuring out how to get more for our investments in education so that we can be growing this kind of talent at the same time that we're opening our doors to foreign talent, that we're educating here as well. he's very passionate about both of those things, both fixing the education system, measuring our teachers, getting more out of our dollars in education and getting our kids up to speed here at the same time that we're
1:57 pm
allowing more people to come into the country with those skills as well, suzanne? >> what does he think is the biggest challenge when it comes to our education system? >> he would -- you know, he says that we need to have better teachers. and we need to help raise up our teachers. he says better teachers make better students. and that too many teachers and too many school districts never get the right feedback or they're not told, do it this way or don't do it this way. we don't use technology and innovation to measure teaching and results in education. he's not saying point blank testing, testing, testing. that's what so many people have been talking about. he's talking about really finding ways to use -- almost a sort of business sense, right, to use information and data to figure out how to get the best possible quality education in the classroom, because we are falling behind. kids k through 12 are falling behind the rest of the world and we have to make sure they get to college and aren't spending too much time he says in remedial math and science classes that are also holding them back.
1:58 pm
so their foundation has done a lot of work, awful lot of work on that. >> christine, look forward to your full interview. to see that and if you want to see the opinion piece, gates' pin pie opinion piece, is where you can read it. other news we're watching now. jim nabors, he married his male partner of 38 years. nabors tells hawaii news now he tied the knot in seattle a couple of weeks ago. same sex marriage became legal in washington state last month. the two traveled from hawaii where they lived for the ceremony performed by a judge. neighbors has never spoken to the media about being gay until now. but he says he has been open to co-workers and friends for years. you might remember the pakistani teen who was shot in the head last october for speaking out for girls' rights to education. good news today for her. a series of surgeries for malala
1:59 pm
soon are going to be over. doctors say she's only got two more to go. one is going to insert a titanium plate to cover an opening in her skull. >> very simply speaking this is putting a titanium plate, especially made, custom made, in the left side, left-hand side of her skull, clearly this is primarily to offer physical protection to her brain, the same way a normal skull was. would. >> we wish her the very best in her recovery, a brave young woman. only 15 years old. that does it for me. brooke baldwin is continuing with "cnn newsroom." winter to spring, in a matter of hours you'll hear the real reason behind this wild weather. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now.


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